Rejuvenate your body and mind...

Treat yourself to a personal experience.

Spa servicesWe recommend that spa appointments be made as far in advance as possible in order to ensure time and technician availability. 


Radiant Facial - $60.00

One hour of relaxation! Feel the pleasure of our special all natural products by our expert technician, releasing built up dirt and toxins in your pores.


Swedish Massage - $70.00

A Starlight favorite: Indulge yourself  for 1 hour, you deserve it. Our private massage room will keep you realxed and comfortable with the tranquility of the beautiful atmosphere for your quiet and rejuvenating massage. Add hot stones for $10.00 more.

Therapeutic Massage - $90.00

Take the time to alleviate your body's specific pain areas.  Our massage therapist will use pressure point techniques to relieve tension and pain.

Power Chair Massage - $25.00

Suggested by many of our clients who are on the go, our 30 minute back massage is one of our quick reliefs for the day. Using oils and bio freeze to help relieve back pain, this will suerly allow you to "keep it moving" and your busy day stress free.

Power Touch - Starting at $10.00

Starlight's Power Massage: On the Go?  Let us offer you our Power Touch massage on our massage chair for $1.00 a minute. 10 minute minimum, 20 minute maximum.

Great for lunch break or people on the GO!!!


Detox for Life - $30.00

Foot spa releasing toxins and chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants released  from your body through our natural Detox For Life Foot Spa.

Reflexology - $45.00

Did you know your feet points to every organ of your body? Our reflexology specialist, help give you an understanding of the pressure points in your feet and the benefit of reflexology while you will experience the bliss of this stress releaser. 30 minutes.


Diva Rejuvenation - $150.00

As the outside world fades away, you will enjoy your day with our exclusive Starlight Full Body Massage, Facial, Spa Manicure and Pedicure. Glass of Sparkling Cider or Herbal Tea or Mimosa.

Pamper Me - $100.00

Indulge yourself in this special package that will truly take you to a place of relaxation releasing built up tension and pain.  30 minute body massage and 30 minute facial.

Body Glow - $85.00

Our special blends of herbs and oils will work through your pores and release toxins that have built up in your skin, facial with paraffin, manicure

Delight Me - $50.00

Delight yourself with this manicure and power deep tissue spa package. 30 minute body massage.